TorのオニオンブラウザでTwitterを使っていると、突然、「Your account has been locked」(アカウントがロックされました)と表示されます

Your account has been locked.

What happened?
We found some unusual activity on your account. To make sure Twitter is safe for everyone, we need you to confirm your identity before you can continue using Twitter.

What you can do:
To unlock your account, you must do the following:

・Pass an Arkose challenge


Authenticate your account

We need to make sure that you’re a real person.


Pick one square that shows three of the same object.

TorでTwitterにアクセスしている場合、クイズに全問正解しても、Something went wrongと表示されます

Something went wrong.

Due to a technical issue, we couldn’t complete this request. Please try again.

Try Again

Tor Browser(オニオンブラウザ)が、いくつかの情報をTwitterに送る必要があると表示されます。進めるために、Resendを押します。

To display this page, Tor Browser must send information that will repeat any action (such as a search or order confirmation) that was performed earlier.

Cancel Resend

再びSomething went wrong(何かがおかしい)と表示されます。

Torのオニオンブラウザでは、Twitterのアカウントロックは解決できません。試しにDuckDuckGoブラウザでロックされたアカウントにログインするとAccount unlocked(アカウントロックが解除)されます

Account unlocked.

Thank you for addressing this issue. Your account is now available for use.

To prevent future lockouts or account suspension, please review the Twitter
Rules and help us maintain a safe environment for everyone on Twitter.

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